Wednesday, October 10, 2012

HP Onboard Administrator Password Recovery or Reset

Have you ever lost or forgotten the Onboard Administrator credentials? I have had issues working on equipment where I did not have the information handy and I needed to get logged in.

First off I will begin by saying that "Yes" you must have physical access to the enclosure. Below is the easy method of performing the Lost Password Recovery process.

This process will retain the original configuration while changing the Administrator password
  • Connect your computer via serial cable to the Active Onboard Administrator
  • Use a program such as Putty or HyperTerminal to access the console via the serial connection.
  • Press and hold the Reset button on the Active Onboard Administrator for 5 seconds
  • Once the Reset has begun you will see the following screen

  •  Press the L key to start the Password Recovery process.

  • Write down the password displayed from the reset.
    • Option 2 would be to remove the device from the enclosure and read the factory sticker for the default password but if you are like me you would rather not remove the device.
  • Log into the Onboard Administrator to verify the password reset was successful.

  • Once logged in I would change the default password before you forget or loose your notes.
  • To change the password use the command set password

  • Your configuration should now be maintained and your password should be changed.

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